End-to-End Technology Services

Strategic information technology services including dynamic needs assessments, infrastructure architecture planning, process definition, and operations  management, all deployed through multidisciplinary team collaboration with intelligent, functional technology as the backbone.

Expert Minds.  Decades of experience.


The goal of every organization is to grow and prosper. For some businesses, it may be growth in the form of profit and for other organizations, it may be the growth of a fan/follower base. For others, the reach of the organization may be more unique and esoteric. Regardless of the kind of growth, every organization will experience growing pains at some point.

More often than not, an organization’s “turning point” does not occur due to a single factor. These factors, often causing growth stalls, are usually internal obstacles within the organization or a lack of adaptability in the marketplace. Factors can be produced by technological or human resources, but may also be a combination of both.

itwrx leverages the tools and experiences your organization requires to optimize the balance of human and technology resources.

Services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business DNA2 (Dynamic Needs Assessments / Digital & Network Assets)

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Process and Technology Architecture

  • Project Management

Get started with the itwrx DNA (Digital Network Assets) Assessment today and find out what your organization is missing!!

Initial Assessment includes:

  • Domain Health Review and Identity Review

  • Infrastructure / Internet Service Provider Review 

  • Social Presence And Website Best Practices Review

  • Social Competitive Analysis 

  • E-Mail Server & Productivity Platform Review

  • External Front/Back End Security Review

  • Online Listings Review

  • Search Review (SEO and Potential Negative)

  • Interviews with core Team Members, Vendors, or Services Providers included where appropriate.

  • Summary Report