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Virtual Entrepreneur in Residence 

With the freedom of innovation and the resources to come up with fresh ideas, for start-ups to the enterprise, itwrx delivers imagination and a sense of fearlessness.

At itwrx, our mission is to assist organizations with locked growth potential to identify issues that might hinder expansion & growth along the way. Once the issues are identified, we work to formulate a plan to solve current problems and prevent similar ones in the future.


With decades of experience in starting and running businesses, the team and strategic partners of itwrx can help businesses of any size to identify and source resources for any of their needs as the organization grows.

Services Include:​

  • Organizational Identity & Structure Analysis

  • Business Plan Review & Development

  • Investment Engagement Consulting

  • Strategic Branding & Marketing Review

  • Business Process Review & Optimization Recommendations

  • Information Technology Review and Analysis

    • Web, App, Social, Infrastructure, Security (Cursory) & Scalability

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